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  1. says

    AHH! Not very often I get a bunch of my most fave people in one spot…Riss, Fernando, Manda, and Nate :D. These pictures are so sweet. I cannot wait for the wedding. I’ve seriously been waiting all week for these to get posted and now that they’re here I am certainly not disappointed. Your love for one another gushes in each picture! I love, love, love you guys! Blessings to both of you and your future together.

    <3 Fia

  2. Marissa says

    The slideshow is my absolute favorite thing in the entire world right now!!!! Amanda and Nate you guys kick so much tail it is unbelievable!!! I love love love what you have done and will be forever grateful for what you captured…

  3. Tia Nancy says

    Mija: BEAUTIFUL!!! These pictures truly captured the love you and Fern have for each other. Luv you mucho – tia.