Lake Casitas Engagement Session // Daniella & Barrett

It didn’t take long for Daniella to notice the handsome personal trainer at the gym. Before long, she found herselfΒ  blow drying her hair before class and making sure she arrived in her cutest workout attire (of course only after checking the schedule to ensure that he–Barrett–would be there). Barrett also began to take notice of the adorably accident-prone Daniella, who was constantly tripping and stumbling any time he happened by at the gym. As time passed, Barrett and Daniella became friendly gym acquaintances. Daniella kept on with her cute outfits and styled hair, and Barrett continued to smile every time Daniella lost her balance and ended up in a heap on the floor. That is until one day, during a sprinting exercise, Daniella’s ankle took a literal turn for the worse and she found herself in Barrett’s arms. He carried her away from class that day and drove her to every doctor’s appointment that week. In the time that it took Daniella’s ankle to heal, a new love had sprouted between Daniella & Barrett. Their relationship has continued to blossom and grow since, and this August Barrett will officially get to carry Daniella off the market–and this time, she will get to wear an extra cute outfit. ;)

We took Daniella & Barrett’s engagement photos near Lake Casitas and gorgeous light seemed to follow them everywhere they went. And might I just add that gorgeous light + Daniella’s maxi dress + desert scenery = AMAZING. Daniella + Barrett–we just like you guys so much! And we’re so excited for you to become man and wife. :) –So much love, A & N

To see more images from Daniella & Barrett’s engagement session, watch the slideshow below:



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