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Adorable Wyatt is two years old & has such a fun personality! Looking back at the photos I captured of him just 6 months ago, I am amazed at how much he has already grown! I was so glad I got to hang out with Amy, John & little Wyatt and take these fun family photos for them. I love being able to capture moments like these that truly reflect Wyatt at this age. In his endless energy, Wyatt swung on the swing set during this shoot, ran around, played, walked the dog, ran around, gave his mom and dad “group hugs,” refueled with a drink of water and a snack, jumped, played, ran around, and cuddled the family dog, Pebbles. Whew, just writing that makes me sleepy! ;) But truly, this family is the sweetest and Wyatt is such a wonderful little boy. Okay, and Pebbles stole my heart, too. :) VenturaFamilyPhotographer-6 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-5 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-16 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-13 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-18 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-20 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-26 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-34 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-46 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-48 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-57 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-60 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-63 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-65 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-70 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-74 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-79 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-80 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-97 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-99 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-103 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-129 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-112 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-149 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-133 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-138 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-148 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-144

Tell me, can it get any cuter than this? I don’t think it can.

Introducing Cove Russell, the newborn babe of our sweet friends Elaine & Chris. He is perfect, with the best full head of soft, dark hair. I am in love.

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Congrats, E+C!!! We love you & baby Cove! :)

Wyatt is 18 months old, and oh boy is it a fun age. It’s the age of picking up every stick and pinecone on the ground and holding them all at once just because you can. The age of sticking hands  in the sand and gritting it between fingers just to see how it feels. The age of running, climbing, shouting, throwing, hugging. Wyatt’s parents, Amy & John, have been trying to capture all of the motion of an 18 month old on their cell phones, and more often than not, he is just too darn fast. ;) I was honored that they asked me to capture this stage in Wyatt’s sweet little life, and am excited to photograph all three of them later this year.  :-) –A

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VenturaFamilyPhotographer-54 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-59 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-55 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-66 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-68 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-70 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-74 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-65 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-76 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-79 VenturaFamilyPhotographer-88