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Fall is our favorite time of year. We love cooler weather, hot drinks, more time with our friends and family, and Christmas everything. :-) We’ve been having a bit of fun lately shooting some film on Nates dad’s old Minolta X-700 35 mm camera. While we love shooting digital for our wedding photography, there’s just something sort of magical about film and we’ve really been enjoying shooting film in our personal work. Below are a few shots from our first developed roll…more personal adventures on film coming soon! :-)
37920005 37920006 37920008 37920007

Last week we went on vacation to Oahu–a trip we’ve been looking forward to since March! We’re officially back and feeling so refreshed after having had such a busy summer wedding season. We’re sooo thankful for this time that we got to get away, relax & refocus…and drink a mai tai (or two). ;)

During our trip we took some video clips along with lots of photos (of course) and Nate put together this little “vacation video.” I love it–it brings me right back to the moment:

And some stills from our trip:

Oahu-14 Oahu-4 Oahu-5 Oahu-8

Oahu-21 Oahu-22 Oahu-23 Oahu-29 Oahu-17 Oahu-34

We stumbled upon an elopement during one of our drives. :-) Oahu-35 Oahu-36


Pearl Harbor: Oahu-48 Oahu-52 Oahu-55

The U.S.S. Bowfin Oahu-54 Oahu-58 Oahu-70 Oahu-74 Oahu-77 Oahu-78 Oahu-82 Oahu-93 Oahu-97 Oahu-99 Oahu-100 Oahu-105 Oahu-107

A hike to Manoa Falls:
Oahu-118 Oahu-121 Oahu-122 Oahu-123 Oahu-126

We were ill-prepared…oops. ;) Oahu-128 Oahu-129 Oahu-132 Oahu-146

And for lots of iPhone shots feel free to check out the hashtag #driversdooahu on Instagram. :)

Happy Friday from us to you!

On the way home from yesterday’s wedding, you rolled the windows down in the car. I blasted the radio per usual (you always say it’s a “Mandy song” if it has some synth action and hails from the 80′s), and I waved my arms in the air and danced like crazy all the way home. It’s my typical post-wedding routine, and I guess I do it because (as you well know), it’s always so hard to peel myself away from photographing the dance floor when it’s time for us to go. You know I can’t help but fall in love with our job a little more every time I see guests having the time of their lives shakin’ their behinds at the reception.

When we got home and started to get ready for bed, I asked you if you could do it all again–if you could choose this life, this career, and me, again–would you? And you said, “Of course I would,” and smiled. Just like that.

I don’t know why you would choose me again if you could–your ever-singing-and-crazy-dancing wife with equally crazy ideas. But I certainly would always choose you.

It was 105 degrees at the wedding yesterday, and per your usual you shlepped our gear bag around all day, in a dress shirt and tie no-less. You met my every request throughout the day, as you always do, and then when I wasn’t looking you brought me a glass of water. And to top it off, you allowed me to blast the radio and dance like a fool all the way home.

I don’t know how else to say it, but thank you for choosing me. You are my favorite, and the most precious gift to me. I love you forever.


We were recently asked to share any advice we had for newlyweds. So Nate & I sat down, and we talked, and I did what I do best–I started a list. ;)

And while what we came up with is pretty simple, I thought it might be worth sharing here. So here goes…


Take time to be present together. As a couple that works from home together, this is especially important for us to remember. We can’t just say we’re going to have a date night and then proceed to sit on the couch working from our laptops as a movie plays…we need to completely set things aside (work! cell phones!) and be totally present with one another.

I think it’s good to frequently ask each other how you are doing. It’s a simple question, but sometimes when you ask you find out that you had no clue your partner was even feeling a certain way. Openly communicating our thoughts and feelings puts us in positions to be helpful and encouraging to one another…but sometimes you have to ask first to get to communicating.

As cheesy as it sounds, make time to snuggle. 5 minutes of daily snuggling should be mandatory! ;)

Don’t stop being silly with one another…ever. Laughter is so important. We joke that 95% of our marriage is us inventing song lyrics and dancing badly…and that’s probably fairly accurate.

And lastly, always remember how lucky you are that you got to marry your best friend. Write it down. Put it on your fridge. You are blessed.

Happy Thursday!
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At the end of April, Nate, his dad, brother and I headed out for a camping trip in a little remote area of the Sierra Nevada foothills known as “Big Meadow.” Now I grew up camping in the Pacific Northwest and am totally good when it comes to “roughing it” in a sleeping bag and a tent, but I have always camped with access to running water, and oh, these little things we take for granted every day called toilets. But not Nate. He and his brother are bonafide Eagle Scouts and ventured on tons of backpacking trips with their dad & troop as kids, and Big Meadow is one of those places they often camped.

So Big Meadow for me was a new experience. The location was so remote (when I thought we had arrived, we still had a 1.5 hour trip up the mountain) that we only saw one person the entire 3 days we were there–and that was the park ranger we saw on our way up. Thankfully, Nate’s dad opted to camp us near the only outhouse.

The days were warm and the nights were literally freezing cold. We hiked. We roasted marshmallows. I shot a gun for the first time in my life. Nick, Nate’s brother, saw a black bear our first night at camp. So this is Big Meadow. I’m thankful to know this place where my husband has fond memories, even if it was slightly out of my girly comfort zone. ;)

This was the outhouse. And yes, I documented my outhouse experience with a photo…