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November 12, 2013

Fall is our favorite time of year. We love cooler weather, hot drinks, more time with our friends and family, and Christmas everything. :-) We’ve been having a bit of fun lately shooting some film on Nates dad’s old Minolta X-700 35 mm camera. While we love shooting digital for our wedding photography, there’s just something sort of magical about film and we’ve really been enjoying shooting film in our personal work. Below are a few shots from our first developed roll…more personal adventures on film coming soon! :-)
37920005 37920006 37920008 37920007


September 20, 2013

Last week we went on vacation to Oahu–a trip we’ve been looking forward to since March! We’re officially back and feeling so refreshed after having had such a busy summer wedding season. We’re sooo thankful for this time that we got to get away, relax & refocus…and drink a mai tai (or two). ;)

During our trip we took some video clips along with lots of photos (of course) and Nate put together this little “vacation video.” I love it–it brings me right back to the moment:

And some stills from our trip:

Oahu-14 Oahu-4 Oahu-5 Oahu-8

Oahu-21 Oahu-22 Oahu-23 Oahu-29 Oahu-17 Oahu-34

We stumbled upon an elopement during one of our drives. :-) Oahu-35 Oahu-36


Pearl Harbor: Oahu-48 Oahu-52 Oahu-55

The U.S.S. Bowfin Oahu-54 Oahu-58 Oahu-70 Oahu-74 Oahu-77 Oahu-78 Oahu-82 Oahu-93 Oahu-97 Oahu-99 Oahu-100 Oahu-105 Oahu-107

A hike to Manoa Falls:
Oahu-118 Oahu-121 Oahu-122 Oahu-123 Oahu-126

We were ill-prepared…oops. ;) Oahu-128 Oahu-129 Oahu-132 Oahu-146

And for lots of iPhone shots feel free to check out the hashtag #driversdooahu on Instagram. :)

Happy Friday from us to you!


July 1, 2013

On the way home from yesterday’s wedding, you rolled the windows down in the car. I blasted the radio per usual (you always say it’s a “Mandy song” if it has some synth action and hails from the 80’s), and I waved my arms in the air and danced like crazy all the way home. It’s my typical post-wedding routine, and I guess I do it because (as you well know), it’s always so hard to peel myself away from photographing the dance floor when it’s time for us to go. You know I can’t help but fall in love with our job a little more every time I see guests having the time of their lives shakin’ their behinds at the reception.

When we got home and started to get ready for bed, I asked you if you could do it all again–if you could choose this life, this career, and me, again–would you? And you said, “Of course I would,” and smiled. Just like that.

I don’t know why you would choose me again if you could–your ever-singing-and-crazy-dancing wife with equally crazy ideas. But I certainly would always choose you.

It was 105 degrees at the wedding yesterday, and per your usual you shlepped our gear bag around all day, in a dress shirt and tie no-less. You met my every request throughout the day, as you always do, and then when I wasn’t looking you brought me a glass of water. And to top it off, you allowed me to blast the radio and dance like a fool all the way home.

I don’t know how else to say it, but thank you for choosing me. You are my favorite, and the most precious gift to me. I love you forever.