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July 25, 2014

This one is for the Lakers fans out there! ;) Lauren & Richard were such a blast to work with at their engagement session. For the first half of their session they sported their Lakers & Steelers gear, then they pulled out a few classy outfits for the rest of the shoot. Love it! It was super windy during their session, but Lauren & Richard were total troopers who laughed their way through the wind. We’re so glad they did because it ended up making for some stellar images! SO excited for their wedding in September! :-)

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June 20, 2014

So excited for these two who are getting married TOMORROW! :) We got together with Mike & Jinna to take these images at UCLA’s Botanical Garden a few weeks back. Jinna went to UCLA and used to slip into the garden for a little peace and tranquility amidst her busy school schedule, and the garden made for such a pretty photo spot for their engagement photos! Can’t wait to see these two tie the knot tomorrow at the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga!  UCLAEngagementPhotos-3 UCLAEngagementPhotos-29 UCLAEngagementPhotos-33 UCLAEngagementPhotos-40 UCLAEngagementPhotos-86 UCLAEngagementPhotos-97 UCLAEngagementPhotos-117 UCLAEngagementPhotos-118 UCLAEngagementPhotos-135


April 3, 2014

How is it that every time we shoot in Ojai it is pure magic? Something about the light, the scenery…and then we have these two, Morgan & Domino, who are magical, too. A stunning couple with great personalities to match? We’ll take it! ;) They knew they wanted a natural environment for their engagement photos, and Domino grew up in the Ojai Valley, not to mention that these two love to get outside, camp, go to the lake. Ojai was simply the perfect backdrop for this shoot. M+D–thank youuuu! You guys are lovely, really, and we can’t wait to work with you two again!

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