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How is it that every time we shoot in Ojai it is pure magic? Something about the light, the scenery…and then we have these two, Morgan & Domino, who are magical, too. A stunning couple with great personalities to match? We’ll take it! ;) They knew they wanted a natural environment for their engagement photos, and Domino grew up in the Ojai Valley, not to mention that these two love to get outside, camp, go to the lake. Ojai was simply the perfect backdrop for this shoot. M+D–thank youuuu! You guys are lovely, really, and we can’t wait to work with you two again!

<3 A&N

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Sometimes I just want to pinch myself. Standing in an adorable neighborhood in Los Angeles, warm sunshine peeking out from trees, photographing the lovely Elena & Austin, I almost did. These two contacted us to shoot their wedding some weeks back & from our initial Skype meeting with them we knew we were going to make a great fit. We absolutely love tailoring engagement sessions to reflect our couples and we arranged to take their engagement photos at their home & neighborhood in Los Angeles. They live in a rad 1960′s bungalow, own a hammock (everyone should), and just down their street is the most breathtaking view of the city. Pinch, pinch, pinch. 


LosAngelesWeddingPhotographer-3 LosAngelesWeddingPhotographer-58 LosAngelesWeddingPhotographer-17 LosAngelesWeddingPhotographer-24 LosAngelesWeddingPhotographer-39 LosAngelesWeddingPhotographer-31 LosAngelesWeddingPhotographer-66 LosAngelesWeddingPhotographer-74 LosAngelesWeddingPhotographer-78 LosAngelesWeddingPhotographer-82 LosAngelesWeddingPhotographer-89 LosAngelesWeddingPhotographer-114 LosAngelesWeddingPhotographer-123 LosAngelesWeddingPhotographer-135 LosAngelesWeddingPhotographer-149


When someone makes you laugh as hard as Chad makes Janet laugh, you marry that person. Okay, so I might be biased in that opinion seeing that I married a very funny man, but in my experience you can’t go wrong. ;)

We love Janet & Chad’s story. They knew each other in high school and each had a mutual crush on the other, but they never knew. It wasn’t until some 20 years later that they reconnected via the internet and fell in love. Janet & Chad are the sweetest–very kind, laid-back, and they just have fun together. We are so thrilled to be documenting their wedding later this year at Limoneira! Janet & Chad– thank you for allowing us the opportunity to capture your love & laughter! –A&N :)

VenturaWeddingPhotography-7 VenturaWeddingPhotography-2 VenturaWeddingPhotography-9 VenturaWeddingPhotography-13 VenturaWeddingPhotography-21 VenturaWeddingPhotography-26 VenturaWeddingPhotography-43 VenturaWeddingPhotography-45 VenturaWeddingPhotography-47 VenturaWeddingPhotography-50 VenturaWeddingPhotography-57 VenturaWeddingPhotography-62 VenturaWeddingPhotography-65

VenturaWeddingPhotography-53 VenturaWeddingPhotography-73 VenturaWeddingPhotography-76 VenturaWeddingPhotography-93 VenturaWeddingPhotography-85 VenturaWeddingPhotography-87
VenturaWeddingPhotography-94 VenturaWeddingPhotography-124 VenturaWeddingPhotography-96
VenturaWeddingPhotography-107 VenturaWeddingPhotography-116 VenturaWeddingPhotography-142 VenturaWeddingPhotography-138 VenturaWeddingPhotography-147 VenturaWeddingPhotography-154


A year or so ago I stumbled across a super cute healthy eating food blog (if you know me, you know I’m all about it!) written by a beauty named Paige. Paige & I just so happened to have mutual friends, which is how I had come across her blog. And then over the summer Nate & I met Paige at a birthday party. She was so sweet & lovely, and engaged to marry her best friend. We were so thrilled the following week when she emailed us regarding her wedding photography!

Paige & Marco were best friends for a long time, throughout high school and beyond, before they started dating. Marco proposed to Paige at Emma Wood Beach in Ventura, one of his favorite spots. Apparently Marco had been waiting for the perfect moment to pop the question when Paige started walking back to the car. He grabbed her hand, yanked her back around & got down on one knee. So sweet! We love that we got to photograph these two at a place that holds so much meaning for them! Paige & Marco–thank you for being such hilarious and kind people to work with! We had a blast with you two and are sooo excited to capture your big day! Enjoy! :) –A&N

EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-4 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-21 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-29 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-34 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-49 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-39 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-59 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-71 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-68 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-86 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-95 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-96 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-114 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-108 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-110

EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-105 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-167 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-122 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-166 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-125 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-143 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-144 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-147 EmmaWoodBeachVenturaEngagement-150

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