October 16, 2014

We were so thrilled to photograph Brianna & Chris at their rehearsal dinner at Sycamore Cove Beach! Brianna & Chris are a super fun, down-to-earth couple & they have the loveliest families. Until recently, Brianna & Chris were living in Boston & so they opted to have us shoot some photos of just the two of them at their rehearsal dinner before their wedding day (which, spoiler alert, was also amazing). Their wedding is up next here on the blog! :-)
SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-13 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-17 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-19 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-11 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-20 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-23 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-26 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-30 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-33 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-37 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-43 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-64 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-55 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-62 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-57 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-66 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-69 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-74 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-78 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-83 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-104 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-106 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-110 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-112 SycamoreCoveBeachWeddingPhotographer-116


October 13, 2014

Lauren & Richard were married at Saint Peter Claver Church & followed up with a reception at The Vineyards, and we loved being a part of their day! They are such a fun pair, and their performance of Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” at their reception was sooo hilarious! Lauren & Richard–we loved working with you guys & were so honored to be a part of your wedding day! :)  TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-115 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-89 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-92 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-75 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-102 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-105 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-107 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-126 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-61
TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-41 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-50 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-56 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-163 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-170 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-203 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-228 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-242 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-261 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-271 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-516 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-523 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-536 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-544 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-497 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-505 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-549 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-553 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-558 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-580 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-574 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-578 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-591 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-603 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-602 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-617 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-629 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-632 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-636 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-638 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-433 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-3 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-452 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-654 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-663 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-691 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-693 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-695 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-776 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-782 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-707 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-709 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-711 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-737 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-799 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-800 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-807 TheVineyardsSimiValleyWedding-868


October 10, 2014

LonePineSierraNevadasWeddingPhotographer-143 A few links to posts + things that I have found particularly rad as of late…

Why Autumn leaves change color.

Our crockpot seems to come back into action every fall…this Slow Cooker Chicken & Wild Rice Soup is simple & delicious.

What to do when you fail.

Found via Pinterest, the best pre and post workout snacks.

It is so hard to find a camera bag that is both stylish & functional, and I finally found one that I adore.

Looking forward to trying out these all-natural facial cleansing wipes while on vacation.

Loved this post from one of our former bride’s: How to Eat Healthy & Organic Meals on a Budget.

Our favorite strange 90’s TV show, Twin Peaks, is coming back in 2016! Fun Fact: We got engaged at Snoqualmie Falls, Washington, (which is shown in the show’s opening), and to celebrate we had breakfast at Twede’s Cafe (again, where many scenes were filmed.) I know, we’re nerds. ;)

And from me, how I feel when my husband buys last-minute tickets for me to see Lorde at the Greek Theatre.

Happy Friday, friends!


October 8, 2014

One thing we always strive to do in our photography is to create images that truly reflect our clients. Whether it’s in the fact that our couples nearly always choose their photography locations for their engagement sessions (usually places that are special or hold meaning to them), or they bring along items to shoot with that help tell their story (we’ve seen everything from motorcycles to board games), or how we aim to just simply capture their true personalities and how they interact together on camera. Making images that reflect who our clients are is a huge part of our photography style.

Throughout my entire photography career, I have always, always loved photographing women, capturing them the way I see them–beautiful and strong–and allowing them see themselves as the lovely creatures that they really are. And when it comes to boudoir photography, I strive to do the exact same thing that we do in all of our other work–capture my subject in a way that is reflective of her. This is why I label my boudoir work as “lifestyle boudoir.” I’ve never been one for very traditional boudoir photography, but I love photographing boudoir in a way that is reflective of the subject. Miss E (below) was the perfect example of this. Not only is she truly stunning, but she was so generous to allow me to photograph her in her lovely, light-filled home, in very non-traditional boudoir attire–her favorite hats, slips, skirts, and sunglasses–and I adored it all. This is the type of boudoir I love to shoot, the unexpected, outside-of-the-box kind.

If you’re interested in a lifestyle boudoir session with me, shoot me an email and let’s chat!

LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-82 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-88 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-85 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-84 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-102 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-120 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-122 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-174 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-104 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-110 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-126 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-144 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-129 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-137 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-139 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-148 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-45 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-23 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-32 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-35 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-38 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-52 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-33 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-47 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-66 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-55 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-163 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-167 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-170 LosAngelesLifestyleBoudoirPhotography-160