February 17, 2015


Meet Bethany & Russell! These two are tying the knot in June & we are really thrilled to be a part of this lovely couple’s day. Below are a few of our favorites from their engagement session in Ojai, where the scenery was gorgeous, the light superb, and these two were filled with love for each other.  OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-2 OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-12 OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-46 OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-55 OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-59 OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-94 OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-77 OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-82 OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-96 OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-104 OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-135 OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-140 OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-144 OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-149 OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-158 OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-175 OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-162 OjaiEngagementWeddingPhotography-181


February 11, 2015

52 Weeks / Writing

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset One of my goals for 2015 is to spend more time writing. Therefore I started the 52 Weeks Project, a project in which I post one short piece I have recently written every Wednesday in 2015.

I put another log in the stove and latch the door. I’m crouched down in front of the hearth, watching. A spot on the glass is covered in black char from a recent flame. I make a mental note to clean the glass tomorrow, see the fire better. Orange embers glow below the fresh pine. Nothing.

I sit and stare for a while, feeling the warmth radiating from the stove. I know if the log doesn’t catch, the fire will die, the warm will grow cold. Is this how it happens in life?

Maybe the log is like my mother, who was once a painter. She made beautiful landscapes in oil, and some of them hang on my walls. Now her work collects dust in an upstairs closet; her paints sit crusty and dry in the attic.

Or maybe it just grows old and weary. An elderly woman I know ran marathons in her youth. Now she walks the neighborhood half-blind, poking everything with her cane.

I keep my focus on the burning embers, the orange breathing through the black. Staring won’t achieve anything, but the warmth sure is nice. Eventually I stand, unlatch the door once more and prod the log until it crosses the coals diagonally. I poke at the coals, replace the poker, close the door, latch the handle.

A few moments later, the log catches.


February 10, 2015


Ed & Lisa had such a sweet, simple elopement last month at the Ventura Government Center. Lisa wore a gorgeous gold sequined dress & looked simply radiant. Ed was clearly so proud and and happy to be marrying his lovely bride. I was incredibly moved during their ceremony (witnessed by just one close friend) as Lisa choked back tears during her vows. What a special, special afternoon. VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-18 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-45 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-8 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-37 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-56 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-60 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-64 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-75 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-91 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-136 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-137 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-139 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-146 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-149 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-154 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-156 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-158 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-164 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-169 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-171 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-182 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-185 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-198 VenturaCountyElopementWeddingPhotography-200